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VIP Restroom Rentals For Austin Events With Comfort & Style

Bathrooms are important. Anyone who says differently has obviously never needed one in a hurry!


Nothing is worse than hosting an event, hiring a mobile bathroom trailer, and receiving a product that is dirty and uncomfortable for your guests. That is the stuff of nightmares.


We understand. That is why we provide luxury VIP toilet rentals that make people feel right at home when they need it most. As local Austin business owners, we understand the market and take great lengths to understanding our customers.


When you hire our VIP restrooms on wheels, we go through a discovery process to make sure our units match your needs to a tee.


Of course, you might be wondering… who are we?


The Man Behind VIP Restroom Rentals


My name is Jerred and I am the owner of VIP Restroom Rental – and a proud local Austin business owner. As a professional real estate consultant in the local area, I understand good property investment. I love my city and the community that has sprung up around it.


One thing I have noticed is, for all the great events thrown around the city, attendees always seem to have trouble when it comes to finding a toilet. Usually at outdoor events like concerts, there are grimy porta potty stalls reeking of bacteria – or worse – nothing at all! It is an unpleasant experience getting stuck without a nice place to do your business, and part of why I started VIP Restroom Rentals.


If you are going to go through the hardships of organizing, hosting and throwing an event, then you should treat your guests to a good experience.


Those filthy outhouses I was talking about?


Not a good experience.


Clean and comfortable luxury bathrooms?

A welcome sight at any event.


Luckily, it is easy to change a bad bathroom experience by hiring us instead. Renting out a VIP bathroom trailer is easy, affordable, and one of the best ways to give the “star treatment” to guests at your events.


If you are in need of a portable restroom, there is no better investment than renting a good solution for when the “mood strikes” and your guests are looking for a place to unload.


Here’s Why You Should Try VIP Porta Potty Rentals for Your Next Event


You could go the super cheap route and rent out a bunch of those nasty porta potty shacks I mentioned earlier, but no one wants to sit on those dirty and scratchy plastic seats. It leaves a bad impression of the event.


If you are throwing a wedding, you want everything to be beautiful, including when people need to go and make a tinkle. You want them to feel relaxed and have the experience a good one. You want them to feel like they are home on their own personal throne.


Renting VIP toilet trailers does exactly that.


Whether you are hosting a beautiful wedding or a special event, we have the trailer sizes you need. Including everything from two stall trailers, four stall trailers, all the way up to what we call our “Presidential Trailer” (which is a truly fine piece of luxury).


We have even rented out our trailers for permanent installments.

Compact trailers are perfect for construction sites and commercial applications.


At the end of the day, whether it is guests or your employees, you want them to have a good experience. Don’t leave your guests down in the dumps!


If You Need a Portable Restroom for Your Party, Look No Farther Than These Luxury Toilet Rentals in Austin


Restroom rentals are a great solution over your typical porta potty, especially when impressions and comfort really count. Whether it is an elegant wedding, or a trailer needed for construction workers over time, our rentals can help you.


The process of ordering a rental is simple. We will explore what you want to accomplish with your event and create a quote tailor made to what you need. From there, we can mobilize our fleet of trailers out to your event or site with ease.


The only thing you need to do is call our number at the top of this website, or you can contact us by filling out this form.


Get your luxury VIP bathroom rental today!