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Prioritize Your Guests’ Comfort With VIP Restroom Rentals At Your Next Charity Event

Charity events are where people come together and selflessly help others in need. That’s why you need the absolute best facilities and accommodations at your next charity events –  to help you raise as much funds as possible.


First impressions are important. The last thing you want is someone coming to your event and having to relieve themselves in a dirty porta potty. Many donors are working professionals themselves and expect clean facilities, especially when they are being asked to give something.


Luckily, giving donors a well polished environment does not take a whole lot of work on your part.


Don’t leave a bad taste in donor’s mouths by offering poor bathroom facilities at your next event. Here’s how VIP Restroom Rentals can improve your charity event and help you raise more money for a good cause.


Looking For a Portable Restroom for Your Charity Events?
We Provide Premium Luxury Toilet Rentals in Austin!


Our team in Austin has a special eye for making sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it, and exceeding your expectations.


We’ve had people come to charity events and comment specifically on how nice the restrooms were. While this sounds like a small thing, it is often the little details that yield the greatest results. You want donors to focus on what is important at the charity event i.e raising awareness and funding.


Here’s how our rental facilities can make your guests feel comfortable and at ease.


Why You Should Upgrade Your Portable Toilets and Provide Comfortable and Clean Bathrooms For Your Next Charity Event


The more comfortable and appeased your guests are, the more likely they are going to donate at your fundraiser in Austin. We want to put your guests in a position and temperament that can help make your event a success.


As mentioned, the easiest way to make this happen is by focusing on important details, and providing clean restrooms is a large part of ensuring a good experience,


  • Our restroom rental trailers are designed with comfort in mind.
  • We have multiple stall trailers expertly designed to make guests feel right at home.
  • Cleanliness is another top priority, with well stocked bathrooms and handwashing stations.
  • Our ultra VIP solo trailers feature plush leather furnishings that will make your guests feel as if they are in a palace of sorts.


All these options have been used in past charity events to great success. We have a proven track record of creating happy customers and we know they’re happy because the numbers speak for themselves.


It is a simple investment using VIP Restroom Rentals, one with a profound effect. Here are details on how to order rentals for your next event.


Book A Stylish and Clean Bathroom Rental For Your Next Charity Event in Austin


To order, simply fill out the short form below.

Or if you need a personalized quote for your event, then you can call us directly at the phone number listed at the top of our website.


Our friendly and helpful staff will guide you through a short consultation process that will outline all your restroom rental needs for your charity event. We will discuss the size of your venue, expected turnout for guest attendance, and other event details.


From there, we will setup a delivery date for your restroom accommodations.


Ready to get started?


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