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Don’t Make This Bathroom Rental Mistake When Organizing Your Festivals and Fairs!

When you go to a festival or fair, you know what it’s like when all the liquid you drank catches up to you. Your first thought is to immediately find a working toilet – expecting the worst. You finally spot the row of ugly porta potty shacks and head over to relieve yourself. While in there, you try not to touch anything and breathe through your mouth so as not to assault your senses.


Wouldn’t it be nice if the restroom experience was more pleasant?


With deluxe portable facilities, it can be!


Imagine a luxury restroom station, complete with hand washing and no need for users to feel like they don’t even want to touch the door handle. Avoiding the toilet at your outdoor event can become a thing of the past.


Let’s take a closer look at what these facilities can do for your event.


Affordable Luxury Restroom Rentals to Handle Crowds – Large or Small – at Your Austin Festival


A man stands in line waiting to buy a corn dog and overhears a child behind him whining he needs to go to the bathroom. Two other little voices chime in they have to go too. He turns around to see a mother leading three children over to the restrooms and starts to feel sorry for her. He imagines cramming 4 bodies into one of those tiny porta potties.


Until he looks up and sees facilities with full rooms and a hand washing station to the side. He realizes he has to go too and doesn’t mind the feeling.


That’s because the sight of these bathrooms doesn’t cause a bad reaction. The portable bathrooms from VIP Restroom Rentals is as comfortable as using indoor facilities, except it’s on wheels – making it the perfect accompaniment for your outdoor festival or fair.


Attendees will no longer avoid using the toilet and instead will feel comfortable while doing so. Best of all, the hand washing and sanitizing station ensures everyone’s health so they can eat with confidence that their hands are clean.


You may think a better restroom would be out of your budget, but you’ll be surprised at how affordable these comfortable, higher-quality bathrooms can be!


Here’s a closer look at the features of our VIP restrooms.


Here’s Why You Should Choose VIP Restroom Rentals For Your Next Event


An outdoor bathroom should have all the accompaniments any good bathroom has, including space, seat liners, toilet paper, a hand washing area, and cleanliness.


The main competitors in portable toilets can only stock 2 rolls of paper at a time. Our deluxe restrooms are well equipped to handle large crowds with ample space for stocking extras.


The design of our bathroom trailers handles crowds of any size, with options for 2, 3, 7, and 10-station trailers available for rent. We’ve serviced outdoor festivals and fairs in the past with great success. Attendees are always impressed with the quality of our restrooms, making them enjoy their time even more.


If you want your event to be successful, make sure those attending have what they need. Here’s how you can order the best portable bathrooms for your event.


Rent The Most Comfortable and Convenient Bathrooms For Your Festivals and Fairs


Renting a portable restroom is an excellent solution over using a typical porta potty when it comes to guest comfort and satisfaction. Our rentals can help you throw a successful outdoor event and ensure the health and sanitation for those attending.


Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for help on the correct number of bathrooms you need for your expected attendees. You can call the phone number on our website or fill out this simple form.


Improve the quality of your guests’ experiences and make sure they have everything they need.


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