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Looking For Long Term Portable Restroom Rentals?

Let Your Workers Feel At Home With Our Luxury Toilets For Your Austin Job site


If you’ve ever been to a job site, you know construction gets pretty messy. If you’ve hired construction workers, you definitely don’t want them to track their mess in and out of your clean house or building every time one of them stops to use the bathroom. And if you’ve ever spent a day doing hard labor, you know every little comfort counts.


That’s why investing in comfortable facilities for your workers is so important.


Not only will it keep your area cleaner, it will show them you care. Without the need for your workers to leave the job site in search of a restroom, it will also add to their productivity – saving you money in the long run.


When you think of portable restrooms, those smelly porta potty shacks come to mind. But those don’t work well as a long term solution for your job site. No one wants to smell toilets while they work and they’re not pleasant to use.


Our VIP Restroom Rentals solve these problems and are a perfect solution to your long term bathroom needs. Let’s take a closer look at how our bathrooms can work on your job site.


Long Term Porta Potty Rentals in Austin Are Our Business


Alan is a construction worker hired to build several commercial structures. He worked as part of a large crew on a site with administrative workers in a nearby trailer. His boss was a stickler about anyone who stood around and believed in the philosophy of hard work.


One day, he had to use the restroom but all they had onsite was a single porta potty shack. During their lunch hour, the line for the bathroom was long – cutting into their break time. After he relieved himself in the porta potty, he wanted to wash the fiberglass off his hands and face but there was no sink available.


When he wasn’t on break and stood in line for the bathroom, his boss would get irritated and make snarky comments about taking extra breaks.


If they’d had our VIP Restroom Rentals on the property, this wouldn’t have been a problem. After factoring in productivity, efficiency, and cleanliness, these bathrooms are affordable and make everyone more comfortable.


Here’s a closer look at the features of our luxury restrooms.


Here’s Why You Should Use VIP Restroom Rentals For Your Long Term Bathroom Needs


The economical trailers we have are compact for your job site but spacious for its users. It’s 14 feet long and features include:


  • Multiple bathrooms to eliminate long lines
  • Running water
  • Interior lighting
  • Climate controlled interior
  • Flushing toilets


The trailers are designed with comfort, convenience, and affordability in mind – creating a bathroom that rivals the look and feel of indoor facilities. When your workers don’t have to search for a place to relieve themselves, their productivity increases too!


Many job sites have utilized our luxury bathrooms with great satisfaction. Our portable restrooms are clean and convenient.


Here’s how you order them for your job site.


If You Need Portable Toilet Rentals For Your Site in Austin, Look No Further than Our Comfortable and Stylish Bathrooms!


Renting a portable restroom is an excellent solution over using a typical porta potty when it comes to worker productivity and comfort. Our rentals can make your job site more sanitary and encourage workers to keep their mind on what matters most – their jobs.


Getting rental facilities is easy. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for a quote on your long term bathroom rental for your work site. You can call the phone number on our website or fill out this form.


Click here now to rent your luxury VIP Restroom Rentals!