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How To Rent The Most Stylish and Comfortable Restroom For Your Wedding

When people imagine weddings, they’re very picturesque. The bride wears a white dress, carrying a beautiful bouquet and is surrounded by loved ones on both sides of the aisle. The groom awaits her with a smile on his face. The first dance begins with a harmonious melody  and everyone enjoys food and drinks.

Speaking of drinks, once the drinks start pouring – where is the first place people will start to look for? That’s right, the bathroom.


If you want your guests to enjoy their time at your wedding, one of the most important things is to have a clean bathroom for them to relieve and refresh themselves. You certainly don’t want them waiting in line or wondering if their hands are clean afterward before they dive into that wedding cake.


And what about the bride?

Can you imagine her cramming the long white train of her dress inside a dirty bathroom? If the restrooms are a mess, her dress is likely to come out looking not so… white anymore. Gross!


Weddings take a lot of planning. You have to compile a full guest list, arrange for the catering to feed the correct number of people, pick out the perfect centerpieces for your tables, and pay attention to numerous other issues. Everything must be taken care of down to the finest details. Make sure you don’t forget about the restroom situation!


Let’s take a closer look at the things you need to consider in a bathroom rental for your big day.

What Do You Need To Look For In A Bathroom Rental To Make Your Event Spectacular?

Jacqueline and Tom are a couple who found the perfect outdoor venue for their dream wedding. Spruce trees, plants, and colorful shrubs line a clearing, offering a clean, woodland feel for their celebration with the perfect backdrop for idyllic photography. They’ll be using foliage from the area to create centerpieces, name tags, and other wedding decorations.


The only problem is, the venue isn’t equipped with any restroom facilities.


As Jacqueline scourges the internet for solutions, she decides to go with an inexpensive option and rents 4 standard portable toilets and an outdoor hand washing station for her wedding.


On their big day, the couple discover the portable toilets are not the best choice. Aunt Emma comes out with toilet paper stuck to her foot every time she goes to the bathroom – creating a running joke among the guests. The handwashing station has a perpetual line and as a result, is skipped altogether by some (yuck). And guests with particularly fancy clothing come out looking disgruntled and unhappy.


Between the lines, the smell, and the looks on their guest’s faces, Jacqueline and Tom quickly realize they should have upgraded the bathrooms to ensure everyone’s comfort.


You don’t want to make that same mistake.

When it comes to choosing a proper bathroom rental, make sure you think about the following:

  • Quality – Is the restroom sturdy or is the entire thing made of plastic? There are bathroom rentals that mimic the quality and comforts of any indoor bathroom, including porcelain toilets that flush, countertops, lights, and even temperature control! Make sure you think about what you are actually renting and how it will look at your venue.


  • Cleanliness – Will your rental arrive properly cleaned? Will it stay clean after multiple uses? Are there garbage receptacles to place used paper? Imagine the bathrooms on the day of your wedding. Are they stylish or do they stick out like a sore thumb? You don’t want bathrooms that are going to be an eyesore on your big day. After all, photos you will share for years to come are going to be taken!


  • Size – Does the bathroom allow for the proper amount of space so it can stay clean? Can your guests move around in it comfortably? If a person doesn’t have a proper mirror or the ability to turn around and look at themselves, it’s probably not big enough.


  • Hand washing accommodations – This one’s a biggie! You definitely want to make sure there is a proper handwashing station for your guests after they use the bathroom! Also consider water pressure, paper towels, and a garbage receptacle. Does the paper towel dispenser hold enough towels so you don’t have to restock multiple times?


Price – And finally, price is a big consideration. You want something affordable since weddings already cost a substantial amount – and no one has a bottomless budget, even if it is a once in a lifetime celebration. But just like most things in life – often you get what you pay for, so make sure to consider the other elements of bathroom rentals listed here to get exactly what you need for your wedding.


Now that you’ve thought about all the details a proper bathroom should have, let’s talk about how much it may cost you.


How Much Does A Wedding Restroom Rental Cost?

The price of a bathroom rental for your wedding depends on your specific needs. Obviously the size of your party, location, and amount of time you’ll keep the rental will affect the price.


But instead of thinking only in terms of what a rental costs, consider the ways you will save. For instance, if you are having a wedding at a house, you don’t want guests trampling in and out of your home using all your bathrooms.


Some may even wander off into parts of your home you don’t want guests in, not to mention the strain it could put on your plumbing.


Imagine a scene straight out of the movie, Meet the Parents, where the yard floods with sewage. That would be a nightmare! And may cost even more than a rental would to fix.


With a VIP bathroom rental, they offer multiple stations so no matter the number of guests, your event will have full facilities without creating long lines.


Best of all, their bathrooms are spacious, comfortable, and stylishly designed so they are placed conspicuously without sticking out like a sore thumb.


You can rent them for 24 hours or longer. Whatever your needs, contact them with all the details and they’ll get you a quote for your event that is affordable!


For most events, luxury restroom rentals cost between $600 to $1,300


You’ll Have The Classiest Bathrooms At Your Wedding!

Your wedding is a big day where you’ll make once in a lifetime memories. You and your guests should have the time of your lives – so make sure to plan for everything, including the bathrooms!


Choose a rental that will suit your needs and allow your guests to relieve and refresh themselves comfortably. You won’t regret it. And congratulations on your big day!


Let VIP Restroom Rentals help make your celebration a spectacular one. Contact us today for a custom quote!

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